1. Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes
  2. www.dominiodelplata.com
  3. ARGENTINA Mendoza
  5. $13-17  2005

  6. From the producer: Intense varietals aromas, with rose petal, lychees and grapefruit flavors. Clean, mineral backbone; round and pleasant on the mouth. Elegant, with nice acidity that gives freshness and support to a delicate Muscat-like wine, with peaches, grapefruit and lychees flavours. Best enjoyed while still young and fresh.

  1. Doña Paula Los Cardos Malbec
  2. www.donapaula.com.ar
  3. ARGENTINA Mendoza
  5. $9  2004

  6. From Brenton's "inexpensive but well received" list: A robust red with an intriguing chocolate-coffee taste on the finish, this winning selection is made from the increasingly popular Malbec grape. Malbecs, which were grown heavily in France but are now the prize variety of Argentina, tend to make deep, dark violet wines. BRENTON

  1. Norton Malbec
  2. www.norton.com.ar
  3. ARGENTINA Mendoza
  5. $10.99  2005

  6. From the producer: Deep red color, with violet hints. Sweet and spicy aromas reminding of black pepper. Good fruit and smooth, harmonious tannins. From Mom: I would say, smooth and unassuming...mellow...overall taste of age more than fruit...classy comfort not passion? MOM

  1. Zolo Malbec
  2. ARGENTINA Mendoza
  4. $13  2005

  5. From the web: This Malbec has a deep purple color, with a high intensity of black fruits, raspberries and violets.

  1. Zolo Torrontés
  2. ARGENTINA Mendoza
  4. $8.99  2005

  5. From the distributor: Floral lift to nose, rose petal, slight musk, then ginger and pear fruit. The palate is clean, medium bodied, backed with good acidity and flavors of ripe pear, lychee and rose water.