if life gives you lemons
December 31, 2007

culinary resolutions, of a sort

If life gives you lemons (picked from Libba's tree next door to Granddaddy's and hauled home to New York in an already too-heavy carry-on bag), make a lemon tart and invite some people over.

If you're a Southern girl at heart (or at stomach), you'd better find some way of eating black-eyed peas on January 1, or kiss goodbye to luck and joy in 2008. (If you're a transplanted Southern girl, variations are acceptable.)

If you're not sure what the shelf life of that year-old champagne is, the best thing to do is just drink it.

If you'd rather not go out on New Year's Eve, make some food and see if people don't come to you (most likely bearing even more food).

If cookies-gorging has left your pants a bit snug, have some wine and cheese, then maybe a pecan praline, then take those pants to the dry cleaners and leave them there until they've learned to behave better.

If you can buy spices by the pound, don't even bother walking down the aisle with the overpriced jars.

If em-dashes and en-dashes (not to mention deadlines and other doldrums) have you down, you'd better hurry up and send in your application.

If you're worried about all the menus you've forgotten to record (picnics and birthdays and friends and fiestas and feasts and fish), you might just need to plunge in and start writing again.

If resolutions induce guilt before you've even made them, you're probably better off just facing what the new year brings as it comes.