January 31,2007

There's been a whirlwind of activity in the Tiny Kitchens, both actual and virtual, but not a lot of it has to do with food. Both kicked off the new year with renovation projects aimed at creating more workable space.

Tiny Kitchen actual got a new coat of paint (Arabian Sands), and had several coats of grease and grit removed. (If you want to know how much dirt is part of your daily routine, go wash your light switch plates with 409 and compare the difference.) The cookbooks moved six feet away to a bookshelf that is anything but tiny. The Paris 2005 calendar finally came down, but was quickly reinstated in a new form to hide the ugly phone jack. The outlets and the fridge got an energy reprieve thanks to some unstacking. And I got a Tiny Kitchen dream fulfilled by displaying a pantry shelf stocked with jars of flour, sugars and cornmeal. (There's nothing that cries out for baking like a clean, clear jar of flour sitting eagerly on the shelf. I promptly make chocolate chip cookies.)

Tiny Kitchen virtual got a more colorful archive and a much more useful wine list. Possible improvements to come include an annotated recipe search with menu correspondence and wine comments. But, as always, we're open to more suggestions.

Better still, now that all that's taken care of, the cooking can recommence