cake wrecking | February 28, 2009
I've offered to bring Rebecca a cake of her choice for her pseudo (non-leap year) birthday. It should be an easy Saturday afternoon. I've made the cake in question, and in the preceding week I've begged, borrowed and stolen all the essential cake-making accoutrements. MORE

down home | February 7, 2009
The irony is that for the party celebrating my graduation from culinary school, I have no idea what I want to cook. I'm drawing a complete blank on menu planning and inspiration. MORE

santorini on my mind | January 18, 2009
It's probably because of the frigid temperatures outside that when I start to think about a menu for Nicole and Eliza my mind drifts wistfully over to the Aegean. MORE

disappearing food | December 24, 2008
I think there must be a correlation between the length of time a meal takes to plan and prepare and the speed at which it is consumed—as in, the longer, the quicker. MORE

yuletide | December 16, 2008
Itís snowing tonight and starting to stick as I walk home. At first Iím mostly afraid that Iíll slip in my too-high-heeled, not-enough-traction boots, so Iím tiptoeing through the powder. But then I get to the bridge over the Gowanus, and I have to stand still for a few seconds. MORE

this new beginning | December 6, 2008
It's my three-week anniversary and since nothing's presented itself as reason to move again, I'm settling in for the long haul and giving this new tiny kitchen a good test run—taking stock, making stock, restocking (useful little word). MORE

fire. fire. | November 1, 2008
The first time itís kind of charming—or at least as charming as ear-piercing noise can be. ďFire. Fire,Ē the smoke alarm alerts us, in between attempts at shattering our ear drums. MORE

the long goodbye | October 12, 2008
I planned the menu for six months; the prep list was constructed in fine mathematical detail; the grocery shopping a dance of classical beauty. So, when it turns out to be the Tiny Kitchen's last supper, the table is, at least, well set. MORE

shucking | September 21, 2008
As far as I can tell, we pretty much only "shuck" corn or oysters (Merriam-Webster backs me up on this and designates the origin of the word as "unknown"). MORE

jubilee | August 31, 2008
Celebration's been in the air. The crowds may still be making their way out of Invesco Field, and it took all $140 of Opus One to work our way through several rounds of toasts (new houses, new babies, cover stories, passed midterms and a full 29 years so far). MORE

tuile-ing | August 21, 2008
Please, please, please, somebody out there tell me you know the carefully guarded secret to tuile-rolling. Because obviously I'm not going to crack this on my own. MORE

racing the clock | August 19, 2008
I've been stricken with fear that I will not pass my midterm. Failure in an academic setting is pretty much something new for me. I wake up dreaming that I'm about to present my consommé and I realize I haven't à l'anglaised my macedoine. MORE

flounder my way | June 24, 2008
Brittanny and I obsess about "Flounder Your Way" for weeks. At our watering holes, we're deep in technical piscine deliberation, which eventually gives way to mock plate layouts using napkins and beer bottles. MORE

tiny kitchen science (part 2) | June 15, 2008
The point of these chemical endeavors was to avoid compromising my perfect menu when feeding gluten-free friends, who've started coming out of the woodwork to help me determine how I might alter the protein structure of gnocchi rather than opt for risotto. MORE

tiny kitchen science (part 1) | June 12, 2008
It could be because I've been reading Michael Pollan and I'm operating with a kind of hyperawareness that I don't know where my food comes from, or how much energy has been spent processing and packaging it. MORE

the new lazy | May 17, 2008
My mother tells me from time to time that I need to get in touch with my inner slug. Mostly I suspect this is a reaction to nearly 40 years living with my father. If Dad has an inner slug, it wears Joseph A. Banks. MORE

make way for duckling* | May 11, 2008
The great thing about duck, Chef is fond of saying, is that you can use the whole thing. MORE

one fish, two fish | May 3, 2008
Some things about fish: They bite (and their teeth stick like burrs, so you have to tear flesh to detach your thumb). The scent of fish blood will evoke the feral in even the most urban and domesticated of housecats. Intestines are disgusting no matter where they come from. MORE

whisking blisters | April 27, 2008
When baseball pitches get blisters on their fingers, the press and fans work themselves into a frenzy. When pop icon drummers suffer the malady, we record it for posterity. When aspiring chefs have been making too many emulsion sauces, it sounds more like a geriatric rock band. MORE

heat (part 2) | April 17, 2008
So, it's hot. Really hot. So hot that I fainted the first night—which apparently happens all the time. The chef didn't miss a beat. MORE

the last supper | March 30, 2008
It figures that the last two meals I make for myself before starting culinary school, I pretty much ruin. MORE

rites of passage | February 23, 2008
My sophomore year in college some girlfriends and I decided to have a Women's Dinner—a tantalizing event as dinner parties usually consisted of pizza on the floor of the computer lab at two in the morning. I was assigned dessert and decided to make my favorite of my mother's, a decadent chocolate mousse pie with Oreo cookie crust. MORE

tiny test kitchen | February 9, 2008
I'm booked solid for the next two weeks (thanks mostly to a work trip), so if I want to try out anything before our party, then this weekend is my last chance. So despite multiple editing projects, laundry piling up and other pressing chores, I decide I can squeeze in a test run for fried risotto balls. MORE

plain fish | February 2, 2008
"I'd just like to eat some plain fish," he says. Like with almonds and mushrooms? In a stew? Salt-baked? Breaded? I'm in charge of the kitchen at the beach condo, and, let's face it, I kind of want to show off for my family. So at first I'm completely thrown by my brother's "plain fish" request. MORE

if life gives you lemons | December 31, 2007
If life gives you lemons (picked from Libba's tree next door to Granddaddy's), make a lemon tart and invite some people over. MORE

jackson pollock cookies | December 22, 2007
It's Mom's idea. "Are we going to make cookies this year?" as if that's something we do every year, as if I didn't make enough Christmas cookies two years ago to utterly satiate such desires. But it's Christmas, so, "Of course." MORE

appliances: a greek tragedy in 3 meals | June 18, 2007
I'm pretty enamored of my stick blender, so I'm always on the look out for ways to use it. Chiefly, this makes me hyperaware of blended soups. So when twice in one week I find myself faced with white gazpacho at restaurants my curiosity is piqued. MORE

taste of maine (part 2) | May 22, 2007
Days after the Taste of Maine (a tourism marketing event we're on the press list for), Eliza, Nicole and I are still so amused that we makes plans for Taste of Maine, Part 2. MORE

josé | May 20, 2007
No one can quite remember why the bread was called José. ("Was it a Mexican/Catholic thing about constantly reproducing?" wonders Mom. "Or after a restaurant in Long Beach called Hungry José's?") MORE

beet juice | April 8, 2007
There was an artist at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival some years back whose piece involved a giant ball of frozen beet juice dripping over a bed of salt. MORE

playful elegance | March 31, 2007
I've billed this menu "eclectic tapas," but I may have begun by considering the theme to be "food in miniature" (a Tiny Kitchen specialty, of course). MORE

a bunny cake | March 12, 2007
My grandmother was known for her cakes—so much so that Bunny Cakes became a thing known to all newcomers to Kosciusko, Miss. Today would have been her 81st birthday. MORE

muscle toning | March 4, 2007
When I glance out my window this afternoon, contemplating grit buildup on the glass, I'm demoralized to discover that despite the temperature having topped 55 yesterday, it is now snowing again. Spring cleaning rendered out the window, as it were, I opt for bread baking. MORE

chowder weather | February 13, 2007
On a trip to Ireland several years ago I made a project of sampling the seafood chowder in every town or village we visited. Some were sweeter than others, some spicier, creamier, fishier. MORE

tiny kitchen, a history | February 11, 2007
Long Beach, California. Circa 1982. MORE

renovations | January 31,2007
There's been a whirlwind of activity in the Tiny Kitchens, both actual and virtual, but not a lot of it has to do with food. MORE

the 12 meals of christmas | December 28, 2006
And two in particular: MORE

in good company | November 12, 2006
I've been thinking about my grandmothers a lot lately—both of them. So when I invite Sheila and her husband over for dinner, Granetta's seafood gumbo is the first thing I think of to make. MORE

breaking point | November 11, 2006
There's a point (with varying degrees of intensity) in the preparation of almost any party or dinner where the cook just wants to give up. Nothing is working, this is a terrible idea, I hate people, I hate food, I hate my kitchen, I want to go back to bed. MORE

chasing minimums | November 5, 2006
Section 11a of the Whole Foods Market Natural Meat Program and Animal Compassionate Standards for Ducks directs that "ducks must be caught with a minimum of chasing." MORE

the genealogy of taste | August 30, 2006
I've been requesting artichokes with hollandaise for my birthday dinner since I can remember. (I vividly recollect eating artichoke heart on the deck of our California house, which means before I turned seven). MORE

the grande dame of brunch | August 25, 2006
While we're on the subject of other people opening up their tiny kitchens to cook, my friend Jillian must be given her due for hands down the best brunch in town (and I'm including Sarabeth's on that list). MORE

the killing fields | August 13, 2006
My marigolds have died—and this is not because my mother was right. It is because I didn't water them for two weeks. What I'm looking for in a plant is something that will let me know when it needs water (by appearing dead, if necessary) then revive thoroughly upon receiving it. MORE

mumbai or bust | July 24, 2006
New York in July: 95 degrees, 100-percent humidity, and half of Queens has lost power. The air conditioner causes a brownout and boiling water can make an entire building uninhabitable. MORE

holiday and jam | July 5, 2006
Yuppies don't make jam. I know this because my mother and I can't find sufficient canning supplies at Williams-Sonoma, Linens 'n Things, World Market or Target (it of the stylish New Yorker ads, guerilla marketing for yuppies). MORE

101 ways to eat a lentil? | June 15, 2006
Maybe it's hubris this belief that I can triumph over measuring cups. At least, I think that's how I ended up with enough lentil-bulgur salad to feed, possibly, all of Rhode Island. MORE

fiddlehead ferns | June 2, 2006
I'm trumped from the start. "Let's make fish en Papillote," she says, but I don't even know what that means (just anything cooked in packets of parchment paper or foil, I discover, but it sounds more complex in French). MORE

the air up here | May 29, 2006
It's hot—and even though I know it's only a prelude to summer and compared to August this is nothing (compared to my Texas upbringing this is nothing), it's hard to move. It's hard to think. It's hard to breathe. MORE

notes on a fête | May 21, 2006
Compose a menu of something that is complicated and impressive, something that is so simple you can't believe it's this good, and a couple of the things your roommate and neighbor love best. MORE

american cookies | May 11, 2006
I've been away. I've flown to Glasgow and Berlin, I've thrown a party (more to come) and I've bought a new hard drive. It's all been a little disorienting. MORE

daylight slaving time | April 7, 2006
I've worked well into dark most nights this week, so Daylight Savings Time hasn't really registered. But the magazine closes in record time on Friday, and I'm on my way home by 7. When the F Train shoots above ground I actually gasp to see it's still light out. This is freedom! This is life! This means I have time to make dinner! MORE

omega-3 fatty acids not prozac | April 1, 2006
Not as catchy, perhaps, as Potatoes Not Prozac (and Andrew Stoll of Harvard has already beaten me to the book option), but I feel I've made a breakthrough here. MORE

grand central | March 24, 2006
Some kitchens are built like train stations: all ceiling and central space, long crosses from the sink to the trash can to the pantry, but too few places to sit or work. They are waiting spaces, places where people come crashing together at the day's rush hours. MORE

pilgrimage | March 19, 2006
Trader Joe's opened in New York City this weekend (wine shop next door to open at a later date). This fact seems to elicit boredom and passion in equal measure, but I'll just say that Wendy and I stood on line for half a block to get in, and leave it at that. MORE

the big noodle | March 12, 2006
I've been sick for what seems like forever (only a week?), which means that for the past few days I've been sitting in my apartment, not quite ready to do anything, but too well to just sleep. In other words: I'm bored out of my mind. MORE

the jakobik rule | March 5, 2006
I don't own a fondue pot. My mother has three, which I assume she collected throughout the '70s when such things made more sense, and then kept through the '90s when she had an attic to store them in. Periodically she'll offer them to me, but I decline. MORE

all i really need to know | February 25, 2006
My friend Rebecca was a latch-key kid. At 10 she was prepping whole chickens after school and popping them in the oven to get dinner started. So she can't understand why I'm poultry-roasting shy. MORE

demons in my kitchen | February 21, 2006
It was 2000. I was 20 years old and in Paris for the first time. I had no money, spoke no French and was entirely lacking in urban sensibility—but none of that could color my infatuation with Paris. MORE

the great pineapple debate | February 17, 2006
Wine and cheese share a lot of cocktail party time, but, when it comes to creative adjectives, cheese is getting the short end of the stick. MORE

shame | February 11, 2006
A while back I asked my doctor if she thought my metabolism had changed, and she suggested I keep track of my caloric intake—in other words, keep a food journal. For a while this went very well (lists being, after all, things that keep me pretty happy). MORE

super bowl saturday | February 4, 2006
I'm in a book club. It gets worse. Periodically we decide that all the time we've spent together not discussing our books just isn't enough—so we schedule a Book Club Sleepover. MORE

cooking (andante) | January 21, 2006
I had big plans for today. I was going to polish off phase one of this website and tell you about it. MORE

a good beginning | December 31, 2005
The phone rings: "It's just the two of us tonight," she says in that ominous tone, like it's possible she's buried his body somewhere along the East River. "Come to Brooklyn," I say. "I'll make dinner." MORE

the matter of size | December 23, 2005
I have a theory: Cooking mess is infinitely expandable or contractable based on the size of the kitchen. I'm at my parents' house for Christmas, trying to make good on my boast that I make the best holiday cookies ever, and my father says he's never seen messier cooks than my mother and I. MORE